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We provide storage for long or short terms and help you to relieve all your needs household removals and storage services or Office removals and storage. We offer the personal storage solution from A to Z (from packing to redeliver to your new place) you can Store anything as long as it's not toxic, not flammable or illegal.

Household removal and storage
When it comes to household storage, we can store everything from a few boxes right up entire house...and more. We can give you as much or as little space as you need for as little as a week or for as long as you want. Your storage room ensures that everything stays clean and dry, safe and secure. Furthermore, you can be sure that whatever you store won't go missing or come to any harm.

Offices Removals and storage
We are not just household Packers Movers but helps to ease storage service for businesses mostly offices storage . Old paperwork, office parts, excess stock, desks chairs and all excess furniture they all waste space. Wouldn't it be better if your office storage was actually stored outside your office, take to somewhere safe easily accessible and cost effective. It is our duty to do all the removals and all the packing if you need our packing services. We come to your premises we pack every thinks needs packing professional with our trained packers and taking care of all your valuables. Our team moves with your belonging to the storage room after making all the arrangement necessary.

Relocating your belonging to your new place
We do relocate your belongings to your new place, just give us the address and you will find your stuff securely and safely in you new place.

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